Fertility Rite~OM the Night

The beating of wings stirs whirlwinds, angels echo down the hall…

I turn my head to see where the voices are coming from. I’ve tried to hold it together for so long. These ideas of right and wrong. The whispers are no longer invisible. Holding a light to them, I can entertain the what ifs. What if I broke the rules, completely? Shadow and light chase me down. They’re pounding on the door. If I walk away from all of these expectations, what then? I slip away into hand carved lullaby’s…

I remember many nights spent by my window when I was younger. Gazing at the sky, I lost myself. Let myself escape into the pitch of dark. The peace of it was comforting. Unspoken. It seems that even back then the noise of what others wanted me to be was alive and well. I come up against that noise many years later. Tired of hearing it, I want to tear the atmosphere with my teeth. This savage wilderness pushing up against my inner layers. I’m tired. Fed up with having this veil drawn across eyes that tire of the view.

OM the night is approaching. The opening ceremony bringing with it a vivid symbolism. A butterfly release. Depicting in essence, the transforming journey. Many of us have been traveling, in individual ways. Our peace to be found within varying shades of exploration. The us in search of our true shape. Breaking free of the enveloping we once were. We honor the healer within. Breathing upon glowing flames, extending their reach. Spirits reaching for wildfires.

Night will follow. Our respective butterflies being released before nightfall to find a safe place to rest. Beautiful creatures that earned their metamorphosis. The old falling away, revealing the new. The struggle of escaping a stagnant shape. Something to behold in the capacity of their resilience.

So what of these voices trailing behind? They’ve become a rumbling. A thundering gallop. My heart bent intently on hearing just what they have to say. Like the butterfly shedding it’s cumbersome cocoon, I no longer want to carry dead weight. Releasing the sound of the past. Facing the future with different eyes. I walk back into the night. Remembering we’ve known each other all this time. Knowing, this time around, the light of strength is more than enough to lead my rebellion. To shape sound. Enough to recreate my version of peace. Droplets of color rain down on me.

Celebrate yourself. Celebrate one another.

S. Mallory


Burning Gold

I reach into those places. Pull out a note or two. Dive again and find my wings. Soaring. The chill of remembrance runs across my skin…

The summer is speeding by. I’m not sure where time is going, it just disappears so quickly. One thing I do know is that it isn’t waiting on anyone. I’m feeling nostalgic these days. Summer was approaching only a few weeks ago. I was taking notes. I wanted to make this one a memorable one. Something to soothe the difficult times that had been casting shadows over my days. I wanted change. To unearth some life. I needed beauty.

Simplicity is a word that’s tossed around casually in spiritual speak these days. I’m not one to want to define things necessarily. I do however think there is a special kind of peace to be found there. Something to be molded. I want to approach my days like a scavenger hunt. Building on excitement. Holding the things I love close to my heart. Digging for what makes me flourish. Thriving on discovery and bliss.

I started listing in my mind all the ways I could weave new memories. How could I create or recreate certain feelings? One idea spiraled into another. Reminders that it’s easy to forget what makes us happy, but it’s also so easy to remember. Knowing this, pieces began to move, my summer started to emerge.

I had all these little blooms tucked away inside of me. I just needed to look. I was being taken by surprise. The rush of something new moving me. Possibilities poking around.

The heartbeat of harmony was nudging me. Whispering to me. Asking me how much life I wanted to take in. How much did I really want to see. What was I really willing to give up to infuse my days with every possible way to feel happy? Things get hidden in the details. There are so many simple moments that we can easily shape. We need to be reminded of the childlike simplicity that keeps us vibrant.

So what makes you smile? Deeply. Do you remember what your heart rushing feels like?  When do you slip away into peace? What brings you comfort?

I can’t lie. I’m feeling like the gentle brilliant shimmer of a setting summer sun. Captivated and spun. Weaving in and out of dreams. Summer has always felt like magic. But it isn’t just summer. It’s every day. Finding those secretive burning suns inside of us. Moments we can shape to kindle something never fading.

Here’s to finding that sweet spot…


When He Comes to Call

Dear neighbor,

Today I have a special request. It seems like you’ve lost track of something. Maybe you’ve become forgetful, somewhat absent minded.

I should probably help you out. Be a kind neighbor and lend you a hand. In the event that you’d like to keep peaceful relations, I’ll gladly explain how you might want to approach the subject.

Sometimes situations can get a little sticky.

Let me explain a little further…

One night, while I was watching a supernatural documentary (of all things) I was startled. Jumping out of my skin startled. I screamed. Loudly! A shadow caught my eye. From the left hand corner. Something strange was going on. There was a noise. The ringing of a bell. And this strange creature. I’ll give you one guess as to what this completely unexpected phenomena was. I will admit, I laughed. It was funny. For a little while at least. So dear neighbor, have you misplaced a pet?

It seems as though your furry family member has taken a liking to my home. He’s been making his way through my screen. Uninvited. Like a furry little specter, creeping around my house. That day he startled me was cute. I had no qualms with your pretty kitty. Until…

I’m almost certain your pet isn’t coming around for the ambience and decor. He seems to have taken a liking to my trash can. Zeroed in on it with a mission. He’s a vigilante. Coming around in the dark of night through my screen in search of bounty. It seems I need to keep my trash under lock and key.

So dear neighbor, as endearing as you might find this situation to be. Please stop misplacing your pet. Remember to feed him. Remember he belongs to you. I know you don’t believe me when I voice my complaints. You’ve made as much clear, cats can’t rip open trash? Did I hear you right?

Sigh. I know what I saw. It wasn’t a trick of the eye. This busy little critter, eyes aglow in the night. He does come around. I’ve seen it with my own eyes, on more than one night. So what do I do when that jingle comes around? When the jangle of his little kitty bell echoes in the darkness? Maybe the next time I’ll pull out my phone. Capture the moment just right. Create a playful montage, add a little music. A silly little video just for you. A neighborly thing to do, a friendly gesture of sorts.  Something to remind you in case you forget.

The Sharing of Voices

That girl. That face. I knew her somehow. She swept by me. I didn’t recognize her at first. The flash of the moment drew me in. I had to look twice.

She was alluring, brimming with quiet innocence. So bright, alive. An ethereal statement reflected outwards.

Today we met. This girl and I. I felt my heart swell. I wanted to run and tell someone. I wanted to ask if they remembered that mysterious girl I’d kept mentioning. A current of recognition was moving. Deep down. In ways that hadn’t in so long. A rush spilled over. Home felt familiar in this place I’d been searching for. It seemed like forever, and this moment was it. I’d been stumbling in the dark. This time, someone caught me as I fell. I no longer had to question whether or not there was a proverbial light at the end of my tunnel. My heart had touched it. Touched it so that it had marked me and wouldn’t let itself be forgotten. Pandora’s box was no longer a long evaded mystery.

There is an unpredictability to life. Things are thrown at us that we don’t always understand how to catch. It can leave us on our knees, picking shrapnel from our flesh. The spectrum of human emotion can be so difficult to unravel. We’re up one minute, down the next. Confusion is easily consumed, leaving us with no definite answers. Ultimately our compass is the voice we must tune into. With determination. Some things are easier to accept than others. Life can be more than unfair at times. What can we do with that unfairness? We can decide. We can create something beautiful for ourselves where we might not have considered.

It hurts less if you let it go…

I don’t think anyone should have to go this road alone. This renewed me I met, opened  new doors. Our reunion was facilitated by a caring system of women at SASS (Sexual Assault Support Services for Women of S.D.G.&A.) There are some things best carried together. SASS has been a stepping stone for change and support. A safe place to explore my inner and outer worlds.

Counseling sessions left me feeling different. Even when I didn’t see it, when I couldn’t. I’d walked away from myself many times. I’d set myself down. Forgotten where I’d hidden away. Forgotten to pick myself back up. SASS gave me a pivotal outlet. Somewhere to be advocated for with understanding, where I could choose to take chances on myself. Old ideologies were tossed out when I gave myself permission to create anew.

Beneath the things weighing me down, I found a dreamers heart. A heart believing that “they” and “that” aren’t the final deciding factors in life. Daring not to give away what could be taken back. I couldn’t help but search for something more.

SASS was an encouraging force of comfort. Time spent there was an investment in myself. I let myself wander even when I was unsure. I took a step. Then another. Being in the company of supportive women empowers healing. When things are hard compassion can be vital. I’ve left many sessions feeling wrapped in the warmth of a hug. I’ve found laughter, strength and care through SASS. The environment has never felt clinical.  Many resources were made available in a very relaxed setting. Walking in you become part of the furniture, fostered by a sense of ease.

I was invited with a spirit of warmth. A needed understanding that I could undertake the process of helping myself see my true reflection. I was so eager to reconnect with viable parts of myself. These pieces of life, with time and care, became integral parts of my new sense of being. I was supported through processing my reality. A gift I readily gave myself, even in moments that were difficult. Those difficult moments were made easier with SASS.

I hope this post finds itself sharing a glimmer of light. That it might offer a glimpse of opportunity. You are worth the risk. Please reach out, or support someone you know in doing so.

*Sexual Assault Support Services for Women of S.D.G.&A @ (613) 932-1755


*24/7 Crisis and Support Lines @ 1-877-544-6424



Skyline kiss.

Summer nights…
It’s been whispered and debated, across ages, that the best things in life are free. I’ve struggled with the idea. With the truth of it. But, sitting here, a sweetness of a warmth blows in my window. I now find myself wanting to agree. Summer nights have a way about them. The essence of sunset hues and breezes alive mix to stir euphoria. Dusk carries with it silent surging magic. Memories beckon and sway, welcoming twilight.
Summer night breezes carry reflections with them. Gentle nudges of yesterday. Reminding me of simple times. Cradling me in lulling comfort. My mind is brought back to places I sometimes forget. The w armth of friendship. The comfort of a child’s smile. Kind spoken words and listening ears. Laughter and secrets shared with knowing eyes. Memories of courageous and adventurous hearts. Nature has a potent way of entrancing. Quietly pulling you back toward the heart, immersing it in gratitude. It flows with ease.
Without effort we can become lost in the noise of the world. We get caught, disoriented in the haze of pressure and duty. We begin neglecting to nourish and nurture ourselves. We forget what might seem obvious. Some days in life make it easy to forget. We fade between the nuances of grey. Making it seem as if those somethings’ to be grateful for disappear. Gratitude opens us to possibilities and expands our hearts. Creating space for us to see more of what sustains us. It beckons us to become lighter, freer.
Gratitude is serene. Whisking us away from complexities we’re apt to disregard as common place. It’s u nassuming. Like a summer breeze at sunset. Healing and restoring. Finding it’s way to us unexpectedly. Capturing us in a moment of awe. Captivating our inspiration. Guiding. Helping us to see the other side of the coin. Tinting our glasses with a little bit of rose. Sent to us with love, from a simplistic messenger.

The Importance of Self-Discovery

By Hannah, Social Service Worker Student

The journey of self-discovery is usually not easy and not quick. There are so many layers to each individual human and it takes time and effort to figure out who you are and what you want to do in this world. But I believe that doing this is so important because it will bring you happiness and peace. I’m not saying it will solve all your problems or make your life perfect, but it will bring balance to your life.


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From time to time, SASS gets to play host to a student or two from our local colleges who join us to complete their work placements. Currently we are lucky to have a wonderful social service worker student on our team.  She has been with us for about a month, so you may have seen her out and about with us at SASS engagements. She has been putting a lot of work in, preparing a seminar on women’s health (details to be announced soon) and amping up our drop-in teen support centre, open to girls 13-18 on Thursdays from 2-5:30. We think she is great and are sure you all will to. So without further ado, introducing…….Cherie!
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Positive Self-Talk: “Hey you!”, “Who, me?”, “Yes, You rock!” (me to me)

Negative self-talk: "I'm a weirdo, don't mind me". Positive self-talk: "Check out how brave, cool and also funny I am"

Negative self-talk: “I’m a weirdo, don’t mind me”. Positive self-talk: “Check out how brave, cool and also funny I am”

Something I feel that I’m actually quite good at is making fun of myself. Whenever I fail or I do something stupid/ridiculous/weird, I opt to crack a joke at my own expense. Experience has taught me, it is better that I do it myself than leave the opportunity available to someone else. I’m also quite good at ‘seeming’ modest (Yes, I see the irony here Continue reading