Skyline kiss.

Summer nights…
It’s been whispered and debated, across ages, that the best things in life are free. I’ve struggled with the idea. With the truth of it. But, sitting here, a sweetness of a warmth blows in my window. I now find myself wanting to agree. Summer nights have a way about them. The essence of sunset hues and breezes alive mix to stir euphoria. Dusk carries with it silent surging magic. Memories beckon and sway, welcoming twilight.
Summer night breezes carry reflections with them. Gentle nudges of yesterday. Reminding me of simple times. Cradling me in lulling comfort. My mind is brought back to places I sometimes forget. The w armth of friendship. The comfort of a child’s smile. Kind spoken words and listening ears. Laughter and secrets shared with knowing eyes. Memories of courageous and adventurous hearts. Nature has a potent way of entrancing. Quietly pulling you back toward the heart, immersing it in gratitude. It flows with ease.
Without effort we can become lost in the noise of the world. We get caught, disoriented in the haze of pressure and duty. We begin neglecting to nourish and nurture ourselves. We forget what might seem obvious. Some days in life make it easy to forget. We fade between the nuances of grey. Making it seem as if those somethings’ to be grateful for disappear. Gratitude opens us to possibilities and expands our hearts. Creating space for us to see more of what sustains us. It beckons us to become lighter, freer.
Gratitude is serene. Whisking us away from complexities we’re apt to disregard as common place. It’s u nassuming. Like a summer breeze at sunset. Healing and restoring. Finding it’s way to us unexpectedly. Capturing us in a moment of awe. Captivating our inspiration. Guiding. Helping us to see the other side of the coin. Tinting our glasses with a little bit of rose. Sent to us with love, from a simplistic messenger.


The Importance of Self-Discovery

By Hannah, Social Service Worker Student

The journey of self-discovery is usually not easy and not quick. There are so many layers to each individual human and it takes time and effort to figure out who you are and what you want to do in this world. But I believe that doing this is so important because it will bring you happiness and peace. I’m not saying it will solve all your problems or make your life perfect, but it will bring balance to your life.


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From time to time, SASS gets to play host to a student or two from our local colleges who join us to complete their work placements. Currently we are lucky to have a wonderful social service worker student on our team.  She has been with us for about a month, so you may have seen her out and about with us at SASS engagements. She has been putting a lot of work in, preparing a seminar on women’s health (details to be announced soon) and amping up our drop-in teen support centre, open to girls 13-18 on Thursdays from 2-5:30. We think she is great and are sure you all will to. So without further ado, introducing…….Cherie!
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Positive Self-Talk: “Hey you!”, “Who, me?”, “Yes, You rock!” (me to me)

Negative self-talk: "I'm a weirdo, don't mind me". Positive self-talk: "Check out how brave, cool and also funny I am"

Negative self-talk: “I’m a weirdo, don’t mind me”. Positive self-talk: “Check out how brave, cool and also funny I am”

Something I feel that I’m actually quite good at is making fun of myself. Whenever I fail or I do something stupid/ridiculous/weird, I opt to crack a joke at my own expense. Experience has taught me, it is better that I do it myself than leave the opportunity available to someone else. I’m also quite good at ‘seeming’ modest (Yes, I see the irony here Continue reading

What’s in a Piece of Cloth?

I remember, as a sensitive child and self-conscious adolescent, I never liked the idea of looking “funny.” I shrunk from wearing any type of attire that might attract negative attention to myself—real or imagined. As a young adult, I no longer spent as much time worrying about “puffy” hair or bulgy outfits, yet I still found it a challenge to put on the Islamic hijab, a cloth worn by Muslim women to cover their hair and necks. This attire certainly did attract attention—and much of it negative.

So what’s in a piece of cloth? Why did I choose to put it on my head? What did—and now does–it mean to me? Continue reading

Meet Kim, Counsellor at SASS for Women

Today we are delving in and taking a closer look at Kim Bauersfeld, counsellor at Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS) for Women of SDG&A.

Kim spending time with her dog Alice

Kim spending time with her dog, Alice

Kim began working in the social service industry more than 16 years ago. For the past 7 years, Kim has been counselling women at SASS. She has an average of 20 clients at any given time, all survivors of sexual violence. Continue reading

Guest Blogger – More Hair

We’ve been talking an awful lot about hair lately, in fact it’s all we’ve been talking about really. One of our great volunteers got thinking about it and asked if she could add her 2 cents into the chat. So, without further ado, here is her hair story.

As a kid I never really thought about body hair, I never noticed it on other people and never really noticed it on myself. It was just hair. I remember the day I looked down at the tiny blonde hairs on my legs; it was Grade 6 and gym class. I looked at my legs and my friend’s legs, and I was the only one out of the girls who had hairy legs. I was confused; they never said anything but they did treat me differently compared to everyone else. I started to think “was that the reason? “, Continue reading

The Love/Hate Relationship with My Body Hair – Part 3

I left off with my success story in finding sugar lady Sara and becoming a hairless meerkat. This hairless state lasted for several years, throughout most of my university experience. I never missed a hair removal appointment, and shaved arms and legs almost daily.  By the time I reached my last year of university I was getting fed up.  Continue reading