Blessed Be

Divides. Chasms.

Trenches between dreams and reality.  Invisible barriers with names. They’re crafty little spaces of contemplation and change. They can give rise to possibility, if tended to in such a way…

Halloween has come and gone. Following closely behind, the most recent full moon. I perused some emails and came across an article on how to live like it’s Halloween everyday. My curious nature had been poked thus I opened the email, and took a peek at the content. I wasn’t sure what to expect since the internet is rife with click bait. What I found was somewhat surprising. A little cliche, but the basis and content was palpable. The message had a voice. It was relatable and universal in it’s own right.

Celebration of roots and sacredness. The divine feminine. The article was an elaboration on modern day witches. Wise healers portrayed as nothing more. Women with gifts in modern day. A feminine portrayal of a journey many may never have considered or have forgotten.

How do you define a woman? Or a witch for that matter? The word witch itself is apt to conjure stereotypes. And if I were to insert the word pagan, what images might arise? How great of an influence did the middle ages have upon this melodious practice of art and soul? Is it not a dangerous and impossible game to make attempts at defining the nature of a woman? Many have tried. To cage that spirit. To define it. Quiet it. But that spirit, the idealism and truth that embodies woman can never quite be eliminated can it…

There is an intimacy, blessedness and devotional sense breathing within the sanctuary of the witch. How do you define something so undefinable. A witch, in essence moves in tandem with nature. True to her spirit. Undefined in her resiliency and beauty, she is a woman. Pure. Simple as she chooses to be. A pursuer of the matriarchy. Nurturing in spirit. She is what she chooses to be. The definitions can be as broad and captivating as the oceans and winds. Flames glowing quietly behind the blanket of night.

I think in this supposed modern era, we’ve lost and are losing many traditions that made the earth rich. Traditions that feed and nurture the soul. In all aspects of life there tends to loom some threatening idea attempting to silence some voice or another. Whatever the place in time, it’s important to feed a sense of belonging. Whether it be to one’s self, the world or one another. But silence I think can’t be observed without victims. Without far reaching consequence. Women have an immense depth of power at their disposal. Abundant virtues stemming from their sexuality, intuition, nurturing and spirituality. Ritual and tradition should be deemed sacrosanct.

Reverence for life and humanity resides at the core of the pagan philosophy. Like so many other preconceived ideas that have faltered in the face of judgment and fear, the path of the witch has endured it’s hardships. The plight of woman is no different. They are in their own ways related. Familiar to one another. It’s the same for witchcraft, shamanism and the like. At the heart of many spiritual concepts you will find similar beliefs within the core. I think the ideal state to be reached and conceived lies within. Leaving behind labels and misconceptions. Let the healers, dreamers, and lovers be. Fusion is the epitome. The cathedral of the heart where one can be fulfilled with the way of their choosing. Faithful to themselves and what they believe to be sacred. Free to roam. Free to choose.

What is life is not lived with magic and dreams? What is this earth without woman and the gifts she has to offer?

Ritual and reverence have their place in this world. Even if they are scoffed at and at times left behind. That makes them all the more powerful. I can’t imagine a world without the ancestry of tradition. Refreshed and brushed of these neglected ways can benefit the world. I think more than ever the world is in need of something nurturing. Something warm. A sisterhood of understanding. A sparking secret. A spirit in flight. Not the kind on a broom, or donning a pointy witch hat. But a sense of communing sisterhood. Of adorning nature with her rightful place. A memory unearthed. The healing of the spirit of woman, unleashed and flowing. Who is woman? What does she have to offer? What imprints are being left upon the earth?