Where we Stand

Are we living in a dream? Is this a parody of lives past? Some days this world seems like the stuff of nightmares. Some days I think we’ve made progress. Others I think we’ve just exchanged one form of suffering for another.

Are we stuck? Vulnerable to systematic subjugation? To a deniability of the humanity that we are all comprised of? This dark dismissal of what makes us human? How little needs to be seen, noticed and noted to affect change around us. What possibilities could be unearthed and created if a little more time and effort was devoted to humanity. What are we capable of? Are we this soul severed from the connective tissue of our core life force? What exactly does thriving mean? Is existence resigned to a constant reel of overplayed stagnation and suffering? Are we victims of politics, systems, policies and excuses? Rules or lies?

Why are our champions and advocates the ones who’ve suffered often times? Are onlookers so remiss? Who are the onlookers? What will it take to unlock the frozen state of apathy running rampant around the globe? It doesn’t take that much of a lengthy glance around to find suffering in the world. It’s easy to encounter binging on self satisfying inner statements of willful blindness. People who have suffered are often times the ones fighting to change the system. To change the world. They are the ones that should be protected. Instead they move about, navigating their pain and attempting to find ways to better life for themselves and others. To bring meaning to their pain and to hopefully change something for someone else. Because suffering like all other human emotions, is universal.

How many times have the words “that’s just the way it is” been uttered over the course of human existence. I’ve stared, blankly, at these types of responses. Felt the rage well up in me.  Sickened that the suffering of another human being could be idly dismissed. No second thought given. It’s just another day in the world. Just another problem to be rid of. How many times has denial and escape caused suffering? Change comes from sensibility. From the emergence of human spirit screaming into sight. It takes a soul that has become incensed, disgusted or carved in pain. Someone and someone’s who have fallen to their knees and known what the excruciating discovery of pain feels like. Bystanders can look on. But those hurting feel it through their bones in truth. Have we not all experienced pain? Suffering so deep and raw. What makes this so avoidable that we are unable to find some way, in all of the darkness, to shed some light on one another? Is it not discouraging or disheartening to know that at the core of our humanness we could do better?  With a little more effort, things could be different? Humans have made advancements, but not quite enough. If we are the governing force that rules this planet then it stands to reason that we, are the ones in control. What exactly are we doing with our privilege? With our resources, in all aspects of our minds, bodies and spirits?

What prompted this avalanche? Many, many experiences. The taste of unfairness nestling me into uneasy places. Places that didn’t feel like freedom. There are so many moments that stand out. But recently I was scrolling through some youtube comments. They were listed beneath a touching piece of music I’d just come across. There was a poster commenting on suicide. This person went into a bit of detail about their current life situation. Several people replied. Offered advice. Offered their emails and contact info, reaching out to this individual. And as much as this seemingly small act of kindness was, it touched me. It was symbolic. Real or not, because that’s what the internet does, makes us cynical. It was a reminder. Do we hear enough about the good in the world? Are we encouraged to create more of it? To love and uplift one another more. Not with easy words. But with deeds. For the sake of relieving the suffering of another? Or simply because above all we’re all a part of one race. Humanity. That somewhere, somehow, wishing for better hasn’t been enough.

I wanted to start this off discussing kindness. Then compassion came to mind. I struggled to find adequate words to express the sentiment I wanted to convey. Then love came to mind. And I thought, how does the world receive love? How does it give it? Deep within it’s the basis for existence I would think. And yet, how is it being expressed towards our earth and all of it’s inhabitants? I know in spiritual corners you hear of healing, love and light. But do we wait on that light to do the work for us? Maybe we are that light. I know the human condition has been addressed time and again. And will continue to be. I think our new found alleged advancement needs to be used creatively. In every way possible in the servitude of good things. It’s so easy to spread what seems dark. To hear the noise of that through everything. And it shows. It shows in the way we live.



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