Burning Gold

I reach into those places. Pull out a note or two. Dive again and find my wings. Soaring. The chill of remembrance runs across my skin…

The summer is speeding by. I’m not sure where time is going, it just disappears so quickly. One thing I do know is that it isn’t waiting on anyone. I’m feeling nostalgic these days. Summer was approaching only a few weeks ago. I was taking notes. I wanted to make this one a memorable one. Something to soothe the difficult times that had been casting shadows over my days. I wanted change. To unearth some life. I needed beauty.

Simplicity is a word that’s tossed around casually in spiritual speak these days. I’m not one to want to define things necessarily. I do however think there is a special kind of peace to be found there. Something to be molded. I want to approach my days like a scavenger hunt. Building on excitement. Holding the things I love close to my heart. Digging for what makes me flourish. Thriving on discovery and bliss.

I started listing in my mind all the ways I could weave new memories. How could I create or recreate certain feelings? One idea spiraled into another. Reminders that it’s easy to forget what makes us happy, but it’s also so easy to remember. Knowing this, pieces began to move, my summer started to emerge.

I had all these little blooms tucked away inside of me. I just needed to look. I was being taken by surprise. The rush of something new moving me. Possibilities poking around.

The heartbeat of harmony was nudging me. Whispering to me. Asking me how much life I wanted to take in. How much did I really want to see. What was I really willing to give up to infuse my days with every possible way to feel happy? Things get hidden in the details. There are so many simple moments that we can easily shape. We need to be reminded of the childlike simplicity that keeps us vibrant.

So what makes you smile? Deeply. Do you remember what your heart rushing feels like?  When do you slip away into peace? What brings you comfort?

I can’t lie. I’m feeling like the gentle brilliant shimmer of a setting summer sun. Captivated and spun. Weaving in and out of dreams. Summer has always felt like magic. But it isn’t just summer. It’s every day. Finding those secretive burning suns inside of us. Moments we can shape to kindle something never fading.

Here’s to finding that sweet spot…



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