When He Comes to Call

Dear neighbor,

Today I have a special request. It seems like you’ve lost track of something. Maybe you’ve become forgetful, somewhat absent minded.

I should probably help you out. Be a kind neighbor and lend you a hand. In the event that you’d like to keep peaceful relations, I’ll gladly explain how you might want to approach the subject.

Sometimes situations can get a little sticky.

Let me explain a little further…

One night, while I was watching a supernatural documentary (of all things) I was startled. Jumping out of my skin startled. I screamed. Loudly! A shadow caught my eye. From the left hand corner. Something strange was going on. There was a noise. The ringing of a bell. And this strange creature. I’ll give you one guess as to what this completely unexpected phenomena was. I will admit, I laughed. It was funny. For a little while at least. So dear neighbor, have you misplaced a pet?

It seems as though your furry family member has taken a liking to my home. He’s been making his way through my screen. Uninvited. Like a furry little specter, creeping around my house. That day he startled me was cute. I had no qualms with your pretty kitty. Until…

I’m almost certain your pet isn’t coming around for the ambience and decor. He seems to have taken a liking to my trash can. Zeroed in on it with a mission. He’s a vigilante. Coming around in the dark of night through my screen in search of bounty. It seems I need to keep my trash under lock and key.

So dear neighbor, as endearing as you might find this situation to be. Please stop misplacing your pet. Remember to feed him. Remember he belongs to you. I know you don’t believe me when I voice my complaints. You’ve made as much clear, cats can’t rip open trash? Did I hear you right?

Sigh. I know what I saw. It wasn’t a trick of the eye. This busy little critter, eyes aglow in the night. He does come around. I’ve seen it with my own eyes, on more than one night. So what do I do when that jingle comes around? When the jangle of his little kitty bell echoes in the darkness? Maybe the next time I’ll pull out my phone. Capture the moment just right. Create a playful montage, add a little music. A silly little video just for you. A neighborly thing to do, a friendly gesture of sorts.  Something to remind you in case you forget.


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