Skyline kiss.

Summer nights…
It’s been whispered and debated, across ages, that the best things in life are free. I’ve struggled with the idea. With the truth of it. But, sitting here, a sweetness of a warmth blows in my window. I now find myself wanting to agree. Summer nights have a way about them. The essence of sunset hues and breezes alive mix to stir euphoria. Dusk carries with it silent surging magic. Memories beckon and sway, welcoming twilight.
Summer night breezes carry reflections with them. Gentle nudges of yesterday. Reminding me of simple times. Cradling me in lulling comfort. My mind is brought back to places I sometimes forget. The w armth of friendship. The comfort of a child’s smile. Kind spoken words and listening ears. Laughter and secrets shared with knowing eyes. Memories of courageous and adventurous hearts. Nature has a potent way of entrancing. Quietly pulling you back toward the heart, immersing it in gratitude. It flows with ease.
Without effort we can become lost in the noise of the world. We get caught, disoriented in the haze of pressure and duty. We begin neglecting to nourish and nurture ourselves. We forget what might seem obvious. Some days in life make it easy to forget. We fade between the nuances of grey. Making it seem as if those somethings’ to be grateful for disappear. Gratitude opens us to possibilities and expands our hearts. Creating space for us to see more of what sustains us. It beckons us to become lighter, freer.
Gratitude is serene. Whisking us away from complexities we’re apt to disregard as common place. It’s u nassuming. Like a summer breeze at sunset. Healing and restoring. Finding it’s way to us unexpectedly. Capturing us in a moment of awe. Captivating our inspiration. Guiding. Helping us to see the other side of the coin. Tinting our glasses with a little bit of rose. Sent to us with love, from a simplistic messenger.


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