The Importance of Self-Discovery

By Hannah, Social Service Worker Student

The journey of self-discovery is usually not easy and not quick. There are so many layers to each individual human and it takes time and effort to figure out who you are and what you want to do in this world. But I believe that doing this is so important because it will bring you happiness and peace. I’m not saying it will solve all your problems or make your life perfect, but it will bring balance to your life.


Why is this so important to me?

This is a topic that I could spend hours talking about with anyone. There is no specific way that this process should be done, there are no concrete rules or boundaries you have to follow for self discovery and there are definitely mistakes made along the way. These reasons make the journey so interesting and so unique for every person, which is one of the major reasons that I love it. You can go about this journey however you please and in whatever way that is going to work best for you. I know for myself, for my friends and for random strangers that I have had the pleasure of talking to, that this is something that will change your life in small or large ways. It is something that can be cherished for the rest of your life.

Discovering Myself

Now that you know why I think this is so important to me, I will share my journey of self-discovery. I’m 20 years old so I am not quite done exploring my personality, but to be honest I don’t think I will ever stop questioning my thoughts and my mind, makes life more interesting for me. I’ve always had good understanding of who I am and what my personality and style is but of course high school and peers have an influence on those factors. You want to fit in, be cool and want everyone to like you. That was my mindset throughout my adolescent years. It worked for me while I was in high school but once I left and entered the real world,  I was in for a huge awakening. I began to struggle with who I was and what I wanted to do with my life. The pressure was on to figure out my future career and what I wanted to do with school, and I was lost. I began to distance myself from the negative people in my life and the negative aspects that I was holding onto. I was spending time alone which I felt was necessary to get a good vibe of who I was and what I truly wanted.  It was hard to be alone so much at first, I felt like I was missing out on things and that I was a loner but after some time I started to really cherish my time alone. It was my time to develop my thoughts and to clear my head. I also began to cut out negative thoughts. I would challenge myself to not complain for an entire day. Whenever I noticed that it was making a huge difference in my attitude and my mood, I started challenging myself for longer periods of time, like 3 days – 1 week and now it is just try to never complain unless you have to or feel an overwhelming need to. These two changes alone made me feel more like myself and more like the person I wanted to be in my heart. I also began to stop dressing and acting like everyone else. Although I am a girl, I do not fit into the stereotypical “girl” category. I really dislike the stereotypes society has for females and males because the way you dress and act should not be based on your gender, it should be based on how you feel and how you want to express yourself. So I embraced this and started to be more of myself and become extremely happy with whom I am. There are so many layers and stories I could share about the past few years of my life and how I have grown but I want to keep this somewhat short and sweet.

Being in a happy place is not accessible 24/7 and that is okay. The ups and downs in life are what make you appreciate experiences and feelings with yourself and the people around you. Life is a learning process and the more you embrace who you are as a person, the better experiences you will have during your lifetime. Don’t hide who you are.. find your purpose, find yourself,  find love and find happiness.

If you are a survivor of sexual assault and are looking for support in your own self-discovery, please reach out to SASS for Women at 613-932-1755, or call our 24/7 Crisis and Support Line at 1-877-544-6424. We are here for you.


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