Meditation for Busy Folks

Hello there! It’s me again, Cherie. Bringing you something fresh for the week.

I’m calling it Mindful Monday!

Today I’d like to talk about something that often gets me blank stares…




Now, for many people, meditation is grounding and something that they are very familiar with. They see it as a way to reduce stress. However, for others, the word meditation often elicits images of sitting cross-legged and chanting. They may think it’s something reserved for the highly spiritual.


Surely I can’t do it, they think.


But we do do it. When we are taking a hike in the forest and enjoying nature around us.

When we are caught up in a trance in the waves of the ocean.

When we are quietly resting our eyes, and feeling the sun beating down on our faces.

When we are holding a sleeping baby and the world is slipping behind us.


This is all about being in the moment, and being in the moment is mindfulness.


Mindfulness is meditation.


You see, it’s actually not hard to meditate. You just need to find a space to just “be”.


Next time you’re feeling like you need to recharge your batteries, try this:


Find a spot you like at home, school, work or outside.

Now, close your eyes and take a few deep cleansing breaths through your belly.

Now, pay attention to the loudest sound you can hear.

Now, focus on the quietest sound.

Next, what is the strongest feeling you notice?

And the least noticeable?

Next, what is the strongest thing you taste?

The faintest?

Now, with your eyes still closed, what do you see really easily?

What is the most difficult thing to see?

What is the strongest thing you smell?

What is the faintest?

Now, take a few more deep breaths after you’ve cycled through all your five senses.

Open your eyes slowly and gently, when you’re ready. Notice how much more relaxed feel. Congratulations! You just meditated!


So, the next time you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, angry or just in need of some calm, remember that relaxation is just a few moments away. Everyone can meditate, and with practice, can make it part of their regular life. Try it this week. Your body will thank you.


Now, go on, find your inner peace.




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