From time to time, SASS gets to play host to a student or two from our local colleges who join us to complete their work placements. Currently we are lucky to have a wonderful social service worker student on our team.  She has been with us for about a month, so you may have seen her out and about with us at SASS engagements. She has been putting a lot of work in, preparing a seminar on women’s health (details to be announced soon) and amping up our drop-in teen support centre, open to girls 13-18 on Thursdays from 2-5:30. We think she is great and are sure you all will to. So without further ado, introducing…….Cherie!


Hello all! I am Cherie, a volunteer/Social Service Worker (SSW) placement student for Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS) for Women. I have recently jumped on board for my 3 month journey of learning and new experiences, and am hopeful that being here will help develop my skills for my future career.

So, a little bit about me, I’m 39 years old, mother to 3 boys, teens and one tween (oh, the joys), a wife, sister and close friend to a few. Making the decision to enroll in the SSW program at our local college was kind of an epiphany moment for me, since I was heading back to school after a hiatus from the direction I always knew, healthcare. That mission changed. Now there I was, starting a new career at almost forty. It was exciting, and I felt a little unsure. Surely, there were other people my age doing this too. Will I be able to handle the demands of family, home and school? Am I going to be the old lady in class?

The truth is, I am one of the oldest in class, but that’s not so bad; and there are definitely other people who are doing this. Being amongst such a diverse group of people from different ages, backgrounds and influences makes for some really interesting conversations, and debates! We have all found our place somewhere. At the beginning, on orientation day, I remember wondering if I would find that place. Would there be room for a slightly quirky, bold, yet often secluded mama?
Thankfully, I can say that I really did find my place in this wonderful group of people I call ‘SSW Class of 2016’. On top of that, to be part of an agency that supports and empowers women so strongly makes me feel connected to the bigger picture. How will I grow here? How will what I do today help a survivor of sexual assault? How will the clients impact my life? So many questions that flood my life daily in positive and sometimes daunting ways. But, I am confident that I will get through these with the support of those around me, in my SSW program and here at SASS. Thanks for reading!

Much love,



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