What’s in a Piece of Cloth?

I remember, as a sensitive child and self-conscious adolescent, I never liked the idea of looking “funny.” I shrunk from wearing any type of attire that might attract negative attention to myself—real or imagined. As a young adult, I no longer spent as much time worrying about “puffy” hair or bulgy outfits, yet I still found it a challenge to put on the Islamic hijab, a cloth worn by Muslim women to cover their hair and necks. This attire certainly did attract attention—and much of it negative.

So what’s in a piece of cloth? Why did I choose to put it on my head? What did—and now does–it mean to me? Continue reading


Meet Kim, Counsellor at SASS for Women

Today we are delving in and taking a closer look at Kim Bauersfeld, counsellor at Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS) for Women of SDG&A.

Kim spending time with her dog Alice

Kim spending time with her dog, Alice

Kim began working in the social service industry more than 16 years ago. For the past 7 years, Kim has been counselling women at SASS. She has an average of 20 clients at any given time, all survivors of sexual violence. Continue reading