Guest Blogger – More Hair

We’ve been talking an awful lot about hair lately, in fact it’s all we’ve been talking about really. One of our great volunteers got thinking about it and asked if she could add her 2 cents into the chat. So, without further ado, here is her hair story.

As a kid I never really thought about body hair, I never noticed it on other people and never really noticed it on myself. It was just hair. I remember the day I looked down at the tiny blonde hairs on my legs; it was Grade 6 and gym class. I looked at my legs and my friend’s legs, and I was the only one out of the girls who had hairy legs. I was confused; they never said anything but they did treat me differently compared to everyone else. I started to think “was that the reason? “, “my hairy legs?”  I knew what they were doing… shaving, shaving? Just like my leg hair, shaving never crossed my mind. I didn’t really understand the concept, how does one shave? Why does one shave? These questions stirred in my mind, while I slowly got more and more self-conscious about my hairy legs.

Finally the day came, I was sure that my friends were talking and laughing behind my back about my hair. I no longer cared why people shaved their legs, I just wanted to do it, because everyone else was, I just wanted to fit in. I went out with my mom and got a razor and shaving cream. I ran a bath and just did it, I didn’t know how and didn’t ask; I just did it. I shaved all the way up my thighs and even on the inside of my knee, which was a mistake. I cut myself so awkwardly and badly that it still bled the next day. My art teacher noticed that I was bleeding, I told her what I did and she laughed at me… laughed at me!

When I found out about shaving armpits, I was devastated, more shaving? And when I thought it was over… Ha! After I mastered the craft of shaving my legs and armpits, I had another surprise coming. Approximately 3 years after I started shaving, boys appeared. I didn’t really care, I couldn’t see what the big deal was but my friends couldn’t shut up about them. As there was a new topic for discussion, new conversations emerged and that led to “You shave down there right?” Wait, hold up, what? “All girls shave down there” Shave where, why? “It’s disgusting if you don’t” Now, how the hell did this come up? I don’t know but it did. I held back from shaving down below for as long as I could, but I was too scared someone would find out about my hairy secret. Pubic hair was “disgusting”; I had to get rid of it. Now my body hairless, I feel great! Itchy and kind of in pain, but great! Well, safe… safe from disapproval, embarrassment and the wrath of evil teenagers I called my friends.

That went on until I left high school and realized I don’t have to shave. I realized the reasons I shaved were stupid. I shaved so people would like me, so I would fit in, so I could be comfortable in my own skin. It’s just hair. Why be ashamed of something we’re born with? Are you embarrassed or ashamed by the hair on your head? So why care about the hair on your body? It’s just hair.

If you are interested in being a guest blogger please send us an email to, we’d love to hear from you! (and you don’t have to write about hair)


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