Guest Blogger – More Hair

We’ve been talking an awful lot about hair lately, in fact it’s all we’ve been talking about really. One of our great volunteers got thinking about it and asked if she could add her 2 cents into the chat. So, without further ado, here is her hair story.

As a kid I never really thought about body hair, I never noticed it on other people and never really noticed it on myself. It was just hair. I remember the day I looked down at the tiny blonde hairs on my legs; it was Grade 6 and gym class. I looked at my legs and my friend’s legs, and I was the only one out of the girls who had hairy legs. I was confused; they never said anything but they did treat me differently compared to everyone else. I started to think “was that the reason? “, Continue reading


The Love/Hate Relationship with My Body Hair – Part 3

I left off with my success story in finding sugar lady Sara and becoming a hairless meerkat. This hairless state lasted for several years, throughout most of my university experience. I never missed a hair removal appointment, and shaved arms and legs almost daily.  By the time I reached my last year of university I was getting fed up.  Continue reading

The Love/Hate Relationship with My Body Hair – Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the relationship I have with my body hair, a love/hate one to be exact.  I left off with finally being allowed to shave my legs. I immediately began to hate the whole process of constantly shaving my legs and arm pits.  Unfortunately, this obsession with hair indeed continues.

As a late-blooming, not part of the “in crowd” yet not quite an outcast, and overall average girl, life in high school felt extremely difficult.  Whether I was battling my mom on the functionality and affordability of UGG boots or complaining to a teacher about the date of our next Biology test being right after a dance, high school seemed like a constant battle. Continue reading