Would you rather…?

I’m currently re-reading the book I am an Emotional Creature: The Secret Lives of Girls Around the World.  It’s written by mastermind of the Vagina Monologues, Eve Ensler.  If you aren’t familiar with Eve, she truly has been quite a voice for women, reiterating again and again that all women have their own unique voice, shaped through all of our individual and shared experiences, and that we all should feel empowered Continue reading


Ladies of Country Music, the Winners and the Losers

Happy Thursday!!!

I listen to the radio all of the time, when I’m working, when I’m driving, when I shower, when I’m cooking up eggs in the morning, when I decide to go for a run on the treadmill….like I said, all of the time.  Almost all of my radio time is spent listening to country music.  Lately there have been two songs that have succeeded at causing an emotional reaction when I hear them.  This is one of the beautiful things about music, it’s ability to make us feel.   If you’ll take a quick listen to these two songs, I’m thinking you’ll be able to guess my two very different reactions.  When it comes to how women are portrayed in music, one of these is a real winner to me, the other, not so much. Continue reading

A not so great weekend…..

I’ll be frank and say that I’m not the most “excited” about writing this particular blog post for SASS.  In fact, it may be better labelled as a rant….You can be the judge.

This past Friday night, one of my closest friends called me at 2 something in the morning, out of the blue.  Me being completely exhausted and sound asleep, with every intention of staying that way for at least another 6 hours, I doubt I even twitched at the sound of my phone ringing.  Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: What happened to the sisterhood? Why are women so critical of each other?? 

This is a post from our old blog that was posted about a year ago.  We thought we’d get the ball rolling by moving it over here to our rebooted version.  Enjoy!  #tbt

What happened to sisterhood: Why are women so critical of each other?

– an interesing article by Kayleigh Dray

Following Emma Willis’ recent stand for women, when she said ” we don’t need to pick hole in each other; we need to be supportive”, writer Kayleigh Dray explores why we are so quick to judge each other. Continue reading

Hello World!

Hey all!

Today is an exciting day at SASS as we have decided to re-launch our blog!  Every now and then we’ll post something, anything.  It could be an update about what we have going on at the centre. It could be sharing an interesting article we read somewhere else.  It could be just a small anecdote.  It may make you cry, or maybe it will make you laugh.  We hope most that we will make you think!  Thanks for reading, we hope you like it!

Here’s to good things to come!